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Marijuana Edibles

Marijuana edibles have come far from the days of rice crispy treats infused with that special something.  Today the beautiful sativa plant has created a gourmet line of all the unique creations from the stereotypical food commonly associated with the munchies.

From Jolly Rancher, Fruity pebbles, to the caramel, and the death star, edibles made from cannabis infused products such as taffy are as prevalent in todays clubs as much as your typical snacks.


No longer is Halloween reserved for the police.  Through education and new knowledge of marijuana snacks, people can now enjoy cake designed with a cool square pattern.  Gone are the clipart images with transparent packaging, edibles are now branded with the company logo.  The brain can now experience all there is with a full line of candies, cakes, cookies, gummies, jelly, brownies, dewdrops, and much much more.

The year is 2020 and marijuana dispensaries in California are now legally allowed to sell for both medicinal and recreational use.  There are some regulations that must be followed, but just like the good ole days, we are now allowed to offer a marijuana delivery service.  You must verify your age, and there is a limit to the amount you can purchase, but when it comes to regulations about marijuana delivery, you take the good with the bad. Some of the benefits are, you can be sure that your products are safe.  All products must meet the health and safety guidelines of the California Department of Public Health, for pesticides, accurate potency, mold and microbiologicals, heavy metals, and child safety packaging.  Basically what this means is, as a consumer, your product is safe, and has been tested by a registered third party laboratory, and isn't just made in a shed out back by any Joe Shmoe, or Janky Jane.  The products are manufactured by licensed companies who have tons, if not too much oversight by the state to ensure the products are safe, and that quality standards are maintained.